Bitcoin Trust Survey

Bitcoin Trust Survey in the USA

In the crypto-currencies community, Bitcoin is known as to be "trustless". However if we ask the question to US citizens, what would they answer? Reputaction, specialised in online reputation of ICOs and traded coins, details below the results of a survey on that question "Do you trust Bitcoin?" answered by 1683 respondents in the USA in November 2017.

Bitcoin survey results

1683 Americans answered this survey as you can see in the infographic below.
Bitcoin trust survey
About 40 percent of the US respondents, do not trust or trust Bitcoin. Rather than thinking that they categorize Bitcoin as "trustless", since a good part did not understand the question (about 31%), it would rather mean that the majority do not know Bitcoin well enough to have decided yet if they trust it or not.

Among the USA respondents who have a clear opinion of Bitcoin, only 8% trust Bitcoin while 21% say they do not trust Bitcoin.

Among the Americans who trust Bitcoin, young people under the age of 24, or under 34, have the highest trust in Bitcoin. Wyoming and Nebraska are also the two states that seem to trust Bitcoin the most!


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