ICO Services and Consulting (Marketing, Legal...)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) Services and Consulting

Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur, President of Réputaction, participated in the organization of different ICOs including Monetha, which raised about 36 million USD in just 18 minutes after the launch of its ICO.

Thanks to this successful ICOs experience, Reputaction offers a complete ICO supervision service and other Token Generating Event (TGE). Services and advice cover:
  • Implementation of a proven ICO project management methodology
  • Legal aspects validated by a legal partner specializing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs
    • Choosing the safest and most profitable country for ICO
    • Drafting contracts
    • Legal aid throughout the project
  • The choice of the ICO and smart contract platform most suited to the project according to:
    • functionalities envisaged by the potential decentralized application (dApp) following the ICO
    • clients and investors targeted by the ICO
  • The creation, validation and audit of the smart contract in partnership with the best developers smart contract and blockchain
  • The pre-ICO with the contact of important investors
  • Specialized digital marketing that will attract and convince investors
    • Thanks to the knowledge of
      • the countries where there are the most investors in crypto-currencies and ICOs
      • the most influential media, journalists and advisors in the field
    • Management of the bounty program: translations to buzz and paid advertising
  • ICO's ongoing e-reputation watch and optimization of investment visits conversions
  • Safety and good practices during the opening of the ICO, very sensitive and intense event
  • After ICO in order to obtain as quickly as possible the trading of the new token on the platforms of exchanges and the follow-up of the e-reputation of the project to avoid the potential attacks (FUD ...)
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