Smart Ski Resort Management Course

Smart Ski Resort Digital Marketing and Management

The "Smart Ski Resort Digital Marketing & Management" course is a continuous education course that gives a certificate of completion issued by the company Reputaction in case of success. It is taught by professionals recognized with experience as directors of smart ski resorts.

This training is accessible to people who do not have a particular computer knowledge because it is intended for people who are going to have to manage the digital aspects of a smart ski resort as a whole and the supervision tools are simple to use.

Its intensive educational program makes it possible to obtain the certificate in only 3 consecutive days, subject to acceptance of the final case study report. This training can be organized in the form of a team building seminar for a given destination.

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*: Réputaction is a continuous education organization registered under the number 84740331574 in France.

Our customers say it

"I was able to quickly acquire the basics of online reputation management (ORM) thanks to Reputaction training courses. "

A. Isabelle, Shops, Hotels and Restaurants Union of Megève ski resort

"The smart ski resort team building seminar gave us a head start on our competitors! "

G. Nicolas, Director in a ski resort

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